Addictions, how are they created?

Addictions, how are they created? Everything we do has a positive benefit. it has to otherwise we would not do it! a bully has a positive benefit, not for the persona they attack, they do it to make themselves feel better by bring down another person.

If we break this down then, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, food and busyness are all ‘masking agents’. They are used to help your mind enter an altered state and therefore you ‘think you’ have relaxed and dealt with the issue of the day or the past.

Alcoholics did not become alcoholics overnight.

They have 1 glass to ease the mind, this bypasses the natural processing of your mind, the issues are not processed therefor they have now become ‘suppressed emotions’. The 1 glass becomes ineffective as there is now internal ‘stuff’ to process and a 2nd glass is needed… then a 3rd as the critical processing of the brain keeps being bypassed. Detoxing by stopping drinking will lead to the massive inner processing and huge releases of energy and emotions.

For those who are addicted to any of the above, even staying busy! It is a sign of self medicating based on past experiences and yes, there are many ways to ease your mind, rather than an immediate detox.

Building up to 20 mins a day of meditation, this is done by 5 mins per day with no music, no devices, no distractions and just let your brain go wild, because it will. Build to 20 mins over a few weeks and the need for cigarettes, drug, alcohol, food and busyness will ease.

There are soo many facets to addictions and all of them are driven by the unconscious mind. We just think on the surface that we are weak by using masking agents. In fact, far from it, your mind is so strong, it keeps this up just to protect you from the suppressed emotions coming up and from having to process and re-live the emotional stuff from the past. Traditional methods to deal with addictions by talking through issues, only serve to bring up the past emotions and therefor bring it back into awareness. Then you have to process it all over again. Can you see why this is a slow method of moving forward… when you are constantly looking backwards?

If you want to dealt with faster… hypnosis!

Hypnosis does not change the past, the situation will always be there. You can never remove events from the past. What hypnosis can do, is change the response into a positive response. This is done by breaking the automatic connection between trigger and the addiction. think of it like driving a car and seeing a red traffic light, automatically the brakes are on, based on learning and repetition.

Hypnosis sets up a new ‘chain of events’ and resets the old response to the new through a ‘pattern interrupt’ and the new auto response is re-wired and now it is just repetition like driving a car, the addiction is changed… forever!

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