Get the mental foundations right… then build.

Get the mental foundations right, then build… it is the only way!

I see too many people wanting total life transformations just by seeing me once. Yes, I get great results in 1 session, if the issue is a straight ‘on/off switch’, like for smoking. For total transformations, the process is much like building a 25 story building.

What comes first? the roof, the walls, the slab? NO… First you have to have a need or intention. This builder had a need to service, building a single story 4 bedroom house here, probably was not the most economical, even though it is close to shops.

This building started with an idea, conjured up through imagination based on that need. Probably even before the block of land was purchased.

The ‘rough’ idea of needs was drafted, sent to an architect and then on to an engineer to ensure it is strong, self supporting and can withstand the conditions, all the external factors of light windows, view and within a coast that will attract the right clients and tenants.

Even before any work begins on site, you may have spent years developing all of this. You don’t grab a shovel and start digging with no plans, no measurements and no reason.

We don’t lay the slab and start building until we run out of resources and then drop a roof on it! For the strength we have to dig down, we have to set the foundations that will support the weight above. The structure is all important and we need to ensure adequate, parking, room for services, lifts and still make it look pretty.

Even before the structure rises above the ground, most of the work is done. After buildings break the surface, have you ever seen how fast these things lift? Each ceiling is the next floor, each trade is brought it at the right time to complete the overall operational aspects marry to the look of the building so that it fits into people’s lives and they are the beneficiaries with a lasting legacy.

Now having said all that, what are you building in your life?

What is the reason or need to have this?

How does it look?

Are you doing all the work?

What time off have you planned?

Have you drilled down to support this?

Are you controlling the build?

Do you have a fear of heights/ exposure?

When is it due for completion?


Can you see why I take the time to help people build the foundations? I spend lots of time in the planning, the vision and the acquisition of resources and not just motivation. If you have the wrong steps, like digging first, and I motivate you, all you are going to do, is dig a hole for yourself… really fast.

If you are serious about building an incredible life, study the steps, focus on the end result and take it 1 step at a time.