I had one of those AH HA moments while talking to my business mentor last week. We spoke about how to achieve our goals with what we have, some very interesting concepts were discussed.

Firstly, if we imagine our minds like a filing cabinet, so what goes in stays in there. We also act and react according to what we filed in our filing cabinet, those automatic reactions.

So how can we make millions and build companies if we do not have the knowledge? Many people have this ability and where did they get it to fill their filing cabinet.

Now I think that this very article may just transform how you think, act and approach your life, your sport and business.

I know that is a huge call, I can also say from a self -development and goals setting process it makes complete sense, from a personal focus aspect it can change everything you do. From a lifestyle perspective it will change the way you think about a materialistic life.

Now I am not saying you can not have the water front property, the sports car and the 1st class travel to exotic locations, I am saying there is a ‘different’ way to achieve this and potentially quicker.

Interesting to note that on Amazon, there are (499,838) Self-Help titles available all telling you what to do and not telling you how to do it! and each one of these mentions setting goals, believing in yourself, being persistent and just do it!

We all have our ‘model of the world’ this is us, how we think, act and behave, this is our beliefs and values and a result of the choices we have ever made. So just going out to ‘make it big’ is not going to work for many because we have the wrong focus, we need to invest in ourselves and growing ourselves INTO our abundant not by chasing it.

If you have seen the image of the iceberg… stating only 1/8th is above the water is just like our minds… kind of!
What is on the surface is what we see in others through their success. It is the conscious mind with ego, needs and goals etc.

(I am still to be convinced the conscious mind is more than 3% of the way we think act and behave)
So the Unconscious mind when you look at this image is all about values, self, beliefs… ‘our model of the world’

If we go out to achieve goals, we load up the surface and the unconscious does not have the support to keep buoyant and it feels like we sink.

Here is the good bit… when we spend time on ourselves building what is under water, the 1/8th of the iceberg will begin to float higher!

So if you thought your goals were out of reach, focusing on them when you do not have the support from within will sink you.

If the goals are just out of reach and you build yourself and invest in what is underneath, then your goals will seem to come to you. As you build the structure, your knowledge and values, the tip of the iceberg lifts revealing more of itself.

As a specialist in peak performance mindset and having just clicked over the 10-year anniversary of my 1st client, this makes perfect sense. I specialise in the ‘bits you don’t see or know about’.

So the bulk of my programs and products are all about building you, investing in you to reveal greater rather than feeling like you are sinking.

The average CEO reading 1 self- help book per week and taking time for themselves, those living an average life read on average 1 self -help book per year. Yet we look at them and think they are soo lucky. They just know how to read and they float.

So to work the way our minds work and to achieve greater, you have to focus on you and push the belief aside that ‘it is not good to be selfish’.

The best thing we can do is look after us… invest in our health, happiness, love and wealth, build from the inside out everyone around us will benefit because of it!


written by: STUART WALTER