Influencers are breaking people

How to break people!

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Sleep when you are done, not when you are tired.

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Sleep is for the lazy…

Sorry to all those ‘influencers’ out there who think that you are doing a great job, this is breaking amazing people. Your comments are stressing people out. lives and families are being broken by your (at time) non trained egos.

People are now, more than ever, showing lower self belief in my clinic because of it, believing they are not putting in the effort. They are not worthy, thinking, I have to push myself, focus on one thing, forget living when I need to be working. Money and success comes first… it is great for my business, not for the community.

Why are so many spending (notice I did not say investing) in personal development programs? they want to increase motivation and it is these people they are buying programs from that are the ones sitting back and relaxing.

There are 15 fundamentals of the human mind that are always at play. One of them is, the unconscious mind has 1 job, to ‘protect you’ from potential harm, physically or emotionally. If you take these ‘influencers’ seriously, you are going to burn out.

Your mind knows this and has the brakes on, you may call it self sabotage, procrastination or laziness. Your mind calls it protection. it is protecting you from pushing too hard, you feel like you are not getting anywhere, so you push harder and longer. you don’t see results so the frustration grows. AS frustrations builds, tempers lift, this builds anger, resentment and affects happiness, health, love and wealth.

You MUST STOP! not slow down, STOP.

One of the main culprits on the social media space (who I know) and driving this revolution is not doing as he says…

I urge you to listen to your body, listen to your inner voice… not the external. if your brain says go home, put your feet up, watch a movie, have a beer and a packet of chips… do it! 

Think about an entrepreneur or an athlete, if they are pushing at 100% they are building muscle memory and endurance. If the exhaustion sets in, you reduce to 80%, down to 40%… until you are forced to stop (sickness) what have you taught your muscles? operate between 100-40% you are now inconsistent. producing inconsistent training and work.

If you are doing 15 hours a day at 60% what is that delivering? 9 hours of work, is it effective? No… inconsistent at best.

Step up to 100% for 9 hours and then stop. The result is the same, with increased, energy, better quality training, better quality work produced and when you are working or competing… you know you will be awesome! so will your opposition.

I have a World Champion who has gone better, faster and longer by doing less. Her life is now in balance, relationships stronger and the happier version is now loving her sport and not resenting the ‘expectation of what she should do’ by pushing herself to breaking point.

Choose a different ‘grind’ now… coffee!




Stuart Walter