Introducing… HOW to change your thoughts for awesome results

The world is full of ‘Influencers’ telling you WHAT to do.

“24/7 grind”

You have to “hustle”

Time to “get serious”

and “push through it”.

“Sleep when you are done not when you are tired”

Unfortunately, these ‘influencers’ are breaking soo many people. You may think you have to push but why are you self- sabotaging, procrastinating and why are you frustrated that opportunities are just not converting into results?

It is simple really, your brain has 16 fundamentals that alter how you deal with life!

These fundamentals act as filters and are always in play and are always working in every brain.

The information in this series of articles, and videos is compiled by a professional mindset specialist to the elite in sport and business… Me! I know how the brain works, I transform people daily in my clinical practice.

You can change if you know how!

This series of information explains…

How the mind works, by understanding the fundamentals of the human mind and how to change your thoughts through processes attached to each fundamental.

Finally someone showing me HOW to change…

Throughout my life, amazing things have happened and with this, just to balance it out, I have had the extreme lows that only my Wife knows about. I am very clear about the specific times in my life where these things happened and how I have managed to get to where I am by thinking and doing what I believe to be true for me.

My parents have always supported me in everything I did, I reflect now on being a father myself and have applied the same level of trust and support in my own son as he flourishes and struggles as he enters the teenage years in today’s world.

20 years ago, I was a State Sales Manager for a commercial dish washing company, designing, selling and supporting commercial glass and dish washing systems for cafes, restaurants and larger systems that are fully automated and cover a space as large as a house.

I was also a black belt in Tae Kwon do and competing and training at State and National level. Both were very inconsistent because of the inconsistencies of training due to travel and work and life in general.

I was talking to my Mum one day about an upcoming black belt grading for Tae Kwon Do and she could hear the doubt in my words and voice. What came next changed my life and today, continues to allow me to help others transform theirs. ‘Let’s give hypnosis a go’.

Yep, my Mum was a Hypnotist and Naturopath and suggested that we use hypnosis to manage the nerves, therefor the inconsistencies. We managed the very technical issue of timber breaking while under immense pressure, one slight exception to the perfect strike with technique, aim, speed and strength and you break your foot or hand not the timber.

That night, after just 1 hour of hypnosis, I felt 10-foot-tall and bullet proof and my results and life began to transform because of the clarity and the experience of total domination of my thoughts and actions.

Let’s fast forward…

My journey then went through some massive changes in my life and I decided to remove myself from the high flying corporate world to stop the 2 weeks travel a month and just as my son was being born, I had a few thoughts and my gut instinct cut in and I decided on Hypnosis and more specifically hypnosis for sport as my new passion and potential career.

13 years later, here I am still. 36 World Champions and many very successful entrepreneurs all living a better life with my help. I can say that over this time only a handful of people have not had a significant benefit. I can not fix everyone, it takes a huge amount of self-exploration, persistence and positive action from the client to maintain the momentum initially created. Some people are just not willing to help themselves.

What I have documented with these fundamentals of the human mind, is my in-depth experience over my life and confirmed over the last 13 years as a professional clinical Hypnotherapist.

This is my area of speciality, the human mind is fascinating, certain fundamentals are always in action and by understanding these, everything we do… or don’t do makes sense.

Many of these will open your eyes to information that may challenge your previous knowledge or beliefs. Please understand these are not at the conscious level, these fundamentals are operating the automatic level, like your heart beating, cells replicating and human nature of survival. Please take the time to understand them because they are reality of why people succeed or fail.

These fundamentals will create an amazing awareness in how the mind works and this awareness can lead to dramatic changes in thoughts and results.

Our minds are incredibly powerful and incredibly stupid at the same time. All my personal clients have the same blueprint, which I have narrowed down to these 16 fundamentals of the human mind.

I have fine-tuned these soo much that any new client I can pick up, drop through these filters and find the root cause of an issue (or many issues) question them at this level, make a few very simple relevant alterations and lift them back up through these fundamentals /filters and they are well on the path to transformation.

Take time to have a read, understand your life and current situation, examine your behaviours and actions and run them through these filters and you will have an amazing awareness of yourself.

This information may be new and create incredible motivation and success for you. Some may read this and understand where their life is and then stay quite happy with their life. Some people may become more frustrated in their life and feel trapped and very restricted.

Whatever you choose, these fundamentals will allow you to take control of that one thing that has stopped you in the past… your mind.