Is consciousness really the way?

Is consciousness really the way?

The world seems be in a frenzy of becoming conscious, the environment, finance, technology and in communication.

That is really great that we are now all becoming followers… The human mind is not designed that way. Every other animal species is working on DNA, and automatic responses for survival.

Humans are creating a mess of the planet and we talk about other’s being animals! Look at the natural environment vs what we have created and really, who are the animals?

The human mind is 3-5 % conscious mind, so that is the part that is reading this and chooses to walk, when you have made the decision then it is up to the unconscious mind to trust the learnt skill to deliver. You can read this hundreds of time to become ‘conscious’ but when is the automatic action going to be taken?

We need to change the programs underpinning the conscious action!

You can not control your heart, you have no direct influence over it at all. You can do things to speed it up, like exercise. You can do things to slow it down, sleep or meditation. You have no conscious impact over it at all. What if we put our intentions for us and our planet in our hearts and went on to automatically/ unconsciously be that person?

Sure, be AWARE of what we need to do, CHOOSE a path, our intention, our goal, our mission, then let it HAPPEN.

My professional work is with the elite in sport and life, generally the blockages are fear based and show up, manifested as ‘Yeh… But’ in communication and action. What this shows is Yeh (conscious) and But (unconscious). So it is at the unconscious level that we need to be taking action. If you hear yourself saying ‘yeh… but’ today, it is not consciousness that is the issue, it wants to achieve. It is the unconscious mind that needs to get off its BUT!

Stuart Walter