Manage fear and watch your opposition crumble.

Manage FEAR and watch your opposition crumble, wouldn’t that be great for your sport, business and life?

A simple equation to help you understand the effects of fear on performance.

Your existing results = your potential minus your fears.

Take a moment to have a think about your existing results. Are they close to what you believe you can do?

Do you think you are at maximum effectiveness all the time and always just smashing every day like it was your best ever?

Every idea and thought you have, do you act on it immediately with no hesitation or second guessing?

Just because you don’t think you have fears, this is how fears also show up at the conscious level in everyday life.

Nerves, second guessing, doubts, over analysing, anxiety, cautious decisions, addictive negative habits, self -sabotage, stress, sleepless nights, sickness, low self -esteem and procrastination.

When I speak at my presentations and workshops, I have a mind-blowing demonstration highlighting this in a competitive environment.

11 Years ago, in 2008, I had a coach call me and explain that she had an athlete who was throwing up prior to an event 2-3 days prior to the competition. He was just not performing anywhere near his best. This athlete was a 400m Hurdler AND was already the U/17National Champion and running a time of 56.5 for the 400 hurdles.

3 sessions later and dealing with his nerves and building confidence this same athlete in a month ran a 52.6 race. That is a 3.9 sec drop in time. How this looked on track was an astounding 27.6m gain on where he was. That is about a 6.9% drop in time based on his average running speed… and the best was yet to come. When he raced previously, he was still winning by 5 metres. So, you would think the 27.6 metre gain plus the 5-metre gap previously, would show up as a 32m win. It was not.

The other athletes were shocked by the difference and then applied pressure to themselves questioning ‘what are we not doing? … the winning margin at a State Titles was close to 45m, that is half the main straight that he won by. The opposition had tightened up enough to give another 13 metres on the winner.

His previous results equal his potential minus his fears! Just like yours are.

How would that look in business?

How would a growth of 6.9% look and a 6.0% reduction in costs?

How would your opposition react to your success by feeling the pressure of your success?

And how fun would that be???

The elite mindset in business is the same as in those sporting champions. many entrepreneurs are now changing the shape of the typical ‘corporate look’ of the past. They are fit, healthy, fueled by food and take time to relax, refocus, check in with coaches and leverage an awesome team around them. I have worked the same way professionally with many champions in business and have had the same if not better results. specifically, a $multi- million business a whopping 50% increase in profits over a 3-month period.

How do you manage fear yourself and your team in business? Remember the fear responses that may show up in yourself and your team, nerves,       second guessing, doubts, over analysing, anxiety, cautious decisions, addictive negative habits, self -sabotage, stress, sleepless nights, sickness, low self-esteem and procrastination.

What have you got to gain?

If you approached your life and business with the mindset of an elite athlete… your business would be breaking record after record and the opposition would crumble under the pressure of your success.


If this excites you… give me a call before your opposition does!


Stuart Walter

The Secret Weapon for Peak Performance Mindset.

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