My mind works in  ‘interesting ways’.

About 18 months ago, while walking from my car to my office, a journey of 300m, I regularly walked past the same people.

One day, I noticed a lady walking toward me and we usually exchange ‘Good Morning’ as we pass. This day was different, she (as many Australian’s do) just said ‘morning’.

At a distance I did not hear her, what I did notice though was that today she blew me a kiss… or did she?

For the remainder of my walk to the office, I was laughing because, ‘morning’ and ‘blowing a kiss’ use the same muscles, in the same movement, at the same speed!

By now you have probably given this a go… go on!

I really think the world needs more fun and mouthing the word ‘morning’ is a great way to make you smile. Other’s will appreciate the gesture and have a great day too.

So to you, my friend…