Open your eyes to hypnosis for sport.

Yes, rather than laughing it off as fake or mind control, take a moment to understand.

Just 10 minutes is I all I need to see the light go one in an athletes head. The voice changes, the body language changes and the belief shifts from that of skepticism to need to experience the benefits of hypnosis for sport, for athletes and the coaches.

Talking on the phone to a parent yesterday of an athlete and the same result… we have to do this! no matter what it costs, why do not more parents know about this? Why is this not taught to all coaches?

Welcome to my world, I am here and offering a solution to peak performance and mental well-being and offering the tools, resources and knowledge for any athlete to gain up to an 8% benefit in results in just a few weeks.

A golfer, missing putts, lacking belief in himself and not trusting.

A gymnast, freezing prior to a back flip.

A race driver, going for the win in the final round for the championship on the weekend.

A swimmer videoing the perfect race for mental/visual training.

A power lifter getting over the fear of re-injuring a previous injury.

A martial artist going for a grading.

A US based pro bull rider preparing himself for a return after a broken arm.

An NRL player wanting the ‘in the zone’ switch for the finals.

A former olympian, managing the transition from sport to life and now breaking records in business.

This is the clients for this week. Yes just this week. The diversity of the issues I deal with, are far beyond that of what people may think hypnosis is and the benefits from it. Every example above is an issue created by the brain, therefore it can be resolved, by the brain.

Every example will begin to be rectified in 1 hour. In 2 hours the unconscious part of the mind connects all the dots. In 3 hours a different athlete emerges and in 4 hours a legacy begins.

FEAR is the one thing that stops athletes (actually everyone) from achieving their potential. Don’t let the unknown, or fear of hypnosis stop you from experiencing the benefits of what is possible.

I have seen the results and if being your best is important, I would imagine you will call, find my email and connect with me.

I am not even going to give you these details, I am deliberately making you take ownership of your future.


Connect and I will gift you 10 minutes to understand what is possible in your sport and life with hypnosis.


Stuart Walter

or as I am known by my clients… the Athlete’s Secret Weapon