Switching Beliefs

I posted this on LinkedIn a few days ago

“All barriers to success are self- imposed… even if a belief from a parent, boss or mentor is somehow limiting you.

Remember you are the one choosing to hold onto it, like you can choose to change it!”



And a question came back…


“Hi Stuart,

How can we do that?”



And here is the answer and something you can do yourself!

Switch beliefs!

What would you prefer to believe and do?

Understand, you have allowed yourself to hold onto this limiting belief.

Write this old belief on a piece of paper, take time to reflect on it and accept this is what it was.

Understand what impact it has had in your life. and then understand the impa

ct when you choose to let it go!

Choosing to let it go and actually letting it go are 2 very different things. when you have thrown it away…

Write down the ‘new belief’ on a piece of paper and do the same, close your eyes and imaging now how this will impact your life.

Project yourself into the future now this decision on this new belief has been made and the positive impact it has had.

Then go and live the new belief.

Stuart Walter

MD Elite Mindset Institute.


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