The only limit is your imagination.

The only limitation you have is your imagination.

Fundamental #8 of #16 

Your imagination has no boundaries!

Right now, your life is where it is based on your imagination, and these fundamentals. You may have restricted yourself through limited imagination or chosen to be here based on safety and fear.

We can be so much more than who we are… all of us!

It is our imagination that creates thoughts, these thoughts create actions and the actions produce results. So, if your results are not what you want, there is a blockage in this imagination process.

Limitations are beliefs, your beliefs. Other people’s beliefs, that you have chosen to take on, are also your beliefs!

We could not have gone to the moon without first imagining. We could not have built the tallest building without a need or intent and that was created through our imagination.

The first car, the first plane and the first rocket… imagination my friends!

What I have noticed with my elite sporting champions (36 World Champions now… have I shared this before?) they all had the ability to imagine themselves as World Champions. Other athletes I have worked with, have not imagined they could be World Champions and only wanted to achieve a National Title… so they have.

This success has led me to research what people imagine… if they imagine they can be the best in the state or the best in the country, that is where they seem to stop!

Does our potential limit our imagination or is our imagination limited by our potential?

Either way imagine and dream big just in case! I want to have a deeper look at this for you.

The tallest building in the world, how is it built?

Firstly, it begins with a concept. The concept is then fine-tuned, it then goes to an architect. The architect designs it, forwards it to and engineer to ensure that the design can be structurally strong. Plans are developed.

Building commences… by digging DOWN! They don’t lay a concrete slab and then see how far they go up before they run out of resources like time, money, steel.

Digging down will create the support and the structure to stop it falling over. When built it will resemble the original concept. If we just built what we wanted and others added onto it and took control, if we had no plans, how would it look?

Imagination is the key. No imagination, no dreams, no plans = no action!

Below are real experiences of what imagination can do, with these result from my clients.

Imagine a person at the age of 23 who wanted to grow taller. He imagined it was possible and now he is. 5ft 2in to now 5 ft 6.

Imagine a mother told being told she could never have children, she imagined she could, now she has 3 naturally!

Imagine a person losing half their body weight and run a marathon in 2 years… they did.

A golfer imagined he was going to miss a putt… so he did.

A professional footballer imagined injury was going to end his playing career, it did.

Imagination can be an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly and disastrous, if used the wrong way!


The brain is incredibly powerful and incredibly stupid… and they all work the same way!

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