The Success Equation

If you want to know how to calculate your success, here is an equation for you!

Your existing results equal your potential minus your fears!


These are the #16 Fundamentals of the human mind, more specifically this week’s is #10

I was asked while being interviewed on a US based sport performance podcast, what is the one thing that stops athletes from achieving their dreams? The one-word response was FEAR.

Fear is greater than we may all think it is. Fear of failure is what most people think has limited them, when you add fear of success, fear of being hurt, fear of being judged, fear of not achieving, fear of letting people down, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of hurting someone or a particular fear of public speaking, fear of sharks, fear of spiders, fear of heights or fear of needles…. You get the point.

There are far more fears in play than we think. That is why when you look at your current results now, this is your potential, minus your fears.

What is fear? Many people quote fear as being ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. What does that mean beyond the motivational quotes we read? Because at the time it certainly feels real.

Fear is your mind’s way of telling you what you are about to do is dangerous, it will be based on past experiences. Fear is a feeling that is triggered by a thought. These thoughts are created through ‘protection’ and this feeling is to serve as a warning. Just as nature intended, stay safe, stay average, stay hidden and stay alive.

Your mind is doing exactly what it is designed to do, protect you (fundamental #2)

Fear is something to acknowledge, accept and benefit from. This sensation is telling you that you are about to break out of your comfort zone, leave the past behind you and into the place where the magic happens.

Notice, I call fear a ’sensation’ fear is a sensation, so is happiness. Switch them and how different is that?

When you take control of your imagination, your life, your destination and your actions, fear can potentially increase. The higher you aim, the greater the ‘potential’ risk therefore the feelings of fear will increase to slow you down to limit the potential hurt.

The brain is incredibly powerful and incredibly stupid… and they all work the same way!

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Stuart Walter