We are not wired for success

This started as a theory a few days ago and just as I was about to document it, it disappeared out of my brain until this morning.

I was recording this on the way to work and in the car, essentially for me to reboot my memory when I was at work.

This starts out as reminder memo to myself and in a few minutes into the recording, it became, what I think is one of the best recordings I have done. This outlines the human mind and the fact that we have everything against us… if we want to be greater than average.

This will make you question many self development specialists out there and these ‘Influencers’ that are teaching you the fastest and quickest way to break you physically and mentally. They take away your self confidence and self belief because you can not achieve success by the #grind and #hustle approach.

Please enjoy and share this. This information is a culmination of 13 years of transforming lives by helping people to re-wire their minds for success.

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When you have understood this, please share this very valuable information with friends and family. People need to know this information before are are all suffering mental health issues by the ‘perception of success’ is the only way and you are a failure if you are not.

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Thank you soo much for listening, I enjoyed creating it for you.


Stuart Walter,


CEO and Founder of the Elite Mindset Institute and

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon