After achieving a Silver Medal at the London 2012 Olympics, a 16 year old 10 metre platform Diver, Australian Brittany Broben was being interviewed by the Australian media. Still with tears in her eyes they asked… at 16, you have just achieved this amazing result, your were soo composed, so relaxed and when you needed to step up you were incredibly focused, what is your secret? Brittany looked at the commentator and said… ‘I’m not telling anyone about my secret weapon’

The name has now stuck! The Athlete’s Secret Weapon brand is the person, me! It is a program and it is the edge that World Champion athletes are now choosing.

All my sports specific individual treatments and programs and products are under this brand. It is my passion to see every athlete perform at their best under pressure.

Over the last 16 years and over 10,500 clients, I have developed incredibly powerful processes that fast track changes in thoughts, beliefs, actions and results.

All this knowledge is available to you in my face to face individual programs or the Athlete’s Secret Weapon 8 week online program.

So any athlete, at any level and anywhere in the world… I would love to be your mindset coach, if you do not have one!

Stuart Walter.