Coach’s Secret Weapon

Coach’s Secret Weapon is the new name in coaching support for peak performance coaching to produce peak performance athletes or entrepreneurs.

If you are a sports coach, business coach or you are a hypnotherapist wanting to specialise in sport and would like to mentor you, these options are now all available.

Every athlete needs a coach, every coach needs a coach, just as I have one…or 5 people I regularly connect to in my monthly mastery groups. I know I would not be in this position today if I did this by myself.

My clients, if you click on the relevant section below have a story, a testimonial and real results by having me as part of their success plan and strategy.

I have coached one of the best swim coaches in the world, who trained the fastest swimmer in history.

A Business Coach with a 50% increase in turnover after 12 months with me.

Their stories are here to connect to. Put yourself in Brant and Christopher’s shoes and imagine how different your life could be.

Recently, I presented at a Hypnosis conference on the Gold Coast with 50 Presenters from around the world presenting on their subject, my speciality, sports and performance hypnosis and from this I now have 3 fully trained practitioners on their way to becoming Athlete’s Secret Weapon Approved Practitioners. So, if this why you are here on this page, lets chat!

Please have a read of the information and email me when you are ready break the records in your life.

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