Just like life…you have choices!

And it is simple…

The Competitive Edge Program is the start of any of my programs.

Then the Bronze, Silver or GOLD! for ongoing support and drive, if availability exists at that time.

Every program begins with a Consultation, this is an intense 90 min Session building awareness, awareness of where you are in sport and in life. It helps you understand the way the mind works, either with you or against you.

You will become aware of the basic fundamentals of the mind and how this knowledge, when applied to any situation, allows you to understand every action or decision you have made and will make.

The Consultation also opens your mind to the processes, to introduce me and the processes I use and opens your mind to your potential.

Before committing to any program, this is the ideal way to test the waters to see if this is for you… it is also for me to understand if you are really ready and committed to change and being your best.

I will also let you know, if I believe you are a good fit as a client of mine. My results are proof of the process and if you are not committed to the process, even if you are the best in the world, if you are not willing to follow the system, I will cease any further work.

Additionally, I am willing to stop any further activity together if you step outside of what I consider my morals, ethics and boundaries.

In the program outline, I outline my expectations of you and what you can expect from me in this process… it must work both ways.

Individual Programs

The Competitive Edge

Bronze Program

Silver Program

Gold Progam