Athlete’s Secret Weapon Approved Practitioner (Training and mentoring)

Ongoing success in my niche of hypnosis and NLP for elite athletes, has opened up some incredible opportunities to teach and share my unique methods and processes among my colleagues.

Sport and Peak Performance Hypnosis is a different art totally to clinical hypnosis and then if you look at stage hypnosis as a third part to this, now you can see the difference in my approach.

For years I have been approached to become a trainer and to teach hypnosis and NLP. I have pushed this aside to focus on my art and my passion.

Well… it has come full circle and now, I rather than teach the basic Hypnosis and NLP processes, I am establishing myself as the Coach’s Secret Weapon. I am now open to mentor trained hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners.

I look at it using a sporting analogy, footballers do the basic training, learn the tackling techniques, the rules, the plays, they exercise, lift weights and look after the body with diet, massage and physio.

When they are ready to play… that is where I enter. I am ready to take over when you have done your training, when you have learnt the basics and when you are ready to play with some of the most incredible athletes and teams in the world.

18 years and 44 World Champions at the time of writing this, has positioned me as a world leader. 

I am not in the position to call myself the best in the world, I am not at my Target yet to be comfortable in saying that. This may support my results and demand for you. One of my football/ soccer superstars in Europe, sent me an email 9 years ago saying “I have the abilities and dream to be the best footballer in the world and to achieve this I need the best in the world to help me, I have chosen you” Martin Braithwaite FC Barcelona Striker.

If you have the passion for sports, the basic training in Hypnosis and NLP, then I would love to hear from you. 

My programs for mentoring are the same investment as my Bronze, Silver and Gold Programs for athletes. I am known to be generous with time, resources and value, this is a full system and giving you access to me, my processes and licensed to use these in your own clinic and business.

Every program will lead towards you becoming a leader in your community, state, country and up playing with me. 

Your completed program will allow you to promote yourself as an “Athlete’s Secret Weapon Approved Practitioner”. 

Again, the investment, time and barriers and experiences I have been through to get where I am now, are there as a blueprint for you to follow under my guidance.

Each program will vary in support and access to other products like my 8 week online program that can help broaden your reach to worldwide, we can work in a collaboration if more than 1 sports hypnotist is required for a team or event.

As my funnel and client list is nearly full, I can refer clients to you depending on your program level.

When I first started in hypnosis, I had an incredible mentor briefly and just in a few hours with him a week and over several months before he retired, placed my at a level that has propelled me above any others in this field.

Financially, athletes and teams can be lucrative… very! And having the right tools can have you at $300K+ per year and with less face to face sessions and less hours than many practitioners are doing now.

With the base investment of $500/ month to $2400/ month this is an extremely easy decision to make if this is your passion and you need support.

If you look toward a business coach to support you in business, you are going to be looking at $3500/ month easily for and average one. They tell you what to do and not how. I will step you through each step, talk through each new client, connect weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly, depending on your level of support.

I will support you in the systems, the processes, the ASW approach, support on the field if needed, I can have you support me in my needs and we make sport hypnosis #1 in the minds of every athlete in the world.

When you are ready to play, email me, if finances are tight, email me, if you have not done your basic training, email me… we will work it out.

I will go out of my way for those like me, with a dream, with the right attitude and we can work out a plan.

Thanks and game on!

This is not a paid entry, all practitioners will be accepted and approved before any investment. Remember, I have spent 13 years building my results and reputation and will only accept those I believe can rise to the challenge.

So any Hypnosis and NLP professional and anywhere in the world, if this is something that excites you, lets chat!


Stuart Walter.


CEO Elite Mindset Institute

And… The Athlete’s Secret Weapon.