Let’s get the personal stuff out of the way first. I am Stuart Walter, a son, younger brother, husband, father, friend and business owner.

My life has led me here to this point and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved and still shake my head at the stupid things I have done.

What I share here, is the fact, I am normal… except for my passion my skills and my mission.

My Mission is to ‘To become the World’s #1 for Sport and Peak Performance Hypnosis. I create, distribute and support a collection of professional programs, services, presentations plus a collection of products and online programs that change the way you think, believe, behave and communicate in a way that empowers others.

In a way, many people believe I am the best in the world already, and it is my clients that call me ‘Weapon’ and 39 World Champions choose me to get their head in the game. I could ease off and say, I am the best and until I am working or assisting every world champion athlete, male and female in every individual and team sport, then I am not going to say I am done!

I am going to focus here on the athlete and person in you and connect my story to this.

I was a struggling martial artist (Tae Kwon Do) I was fast, flexible and had great technique, I just did not have what it took to win in competition.

My ‘sport’ was me choosing to step on to a 6×6 metre (20×20 ft) mat against someone who is trained to kill me. My first state title, I was hit by a full speed hick below the belt (illegal shot) and it sent me to the floor in pain. I am not a fighter, I hated conflict and martial arts was meant to be for self-defence.

I knew I had to change my attitude. Everyone said just change it, but HOW? Get tough… HOW? Get aggressive… HOW? I was surrounded by people telling me WHAT to do and not HOW. No matter what I tried to think and do, I reverted to ‘fear and self-preservation’ and my abilities were never shown. I knew I could, I had a belief, it just never converted when I needed it most.

Enter my mother… a clinical hypnotist who had been in practice for 30 years. I was talking to her before my black belt grading and explaining the challenges, the focus needed, the technical aspects needed for breaking timber, the exhaustion of many fights, and the instant recall needed to perform any 3 of the 10 patterns, then add in nerves, doubts, fears, hesitation and inconsistent training… now you get the picture of my mental state?

I was travelling 1 week a month for work, I was also married and the sport paid nothing. These factors affected my thinking, I could not afford to get hurt.

I was talking to my mother and as she explained hypnosis I was laughing on the inside, thinking… how can this help. I sat there, relaxed and listening and questioning how is this possibly going to work?

Well, the next day I was 10- foot tall and bullet proof, I had this incredible clarity and I had my first ‘in the zone’ experience. I could read my opponent, I knew what they were going to do, I just reacted, I stopped thinking and just trusted myself, my training and the automatic responses I had been training since I was 8. I am not exaggerating when I say that 1 hour transformed my life.

My results took me to best grading awards, achieving things I had never experienced, my speed increased my power was noticeably stronger, timber breaking and fighting went to a whole new level. I went to State and National titles and achieved Silver and Gold medals in the team’s category.

I internally set my sights on the Sydney 2000 Olympics and this was my dream in 1997.

December 18th 1999… I was at a Christmas break party/ picnic and someone brought out a soccer ball. I got this, I went to kick the ball, my foot gripped the grass and instead of spinning… SNAP.

Medial meniscus bucket handle tear (cartilage, ripped and locked the knee in a bent position) and a partial tear in my ACL in my right knee… dream over.

Fast track this story… my sporting dream was over and it is you that will benefit from my experiences. Your dream is now achievable because of my experience and abilities to.

I dropped into a hole during and after my injury, I never want anyone to experience what I did, I removed myself from life and something happened that only a few people know… my training saved my life.

It was 6 years later when I had my son on the way, that I knew I had to change career and sport hypnosis was the only thought. To help athletes achieve their best, to transform them, to support them and transition them back into life after sport. No one deserves to go through what I went through. 

You deserve to train and compete at your best, you can put all these fears aside and you will, when you know how.

I have a passion and I have a belief already of you, I believe in you more than you believe in yourself. If all I can do is to have you believe in yourself, like I believe in you and my processes, then you will achieve your best in sport.

If you are experiencing anything less than your best, then please, take control and connect today.

If one thing is clear, over the last 15 years, every athlete needs to be doing some level of Mindset training. I am putting up my hand to ask, may I coach you?

Check out the links to book in a free 20-minute chat to see if the on-line program or a face to face is better suited to your needs, time and budget.

Chat soon,