Team Programs


You may not have heard of me, you would have certainly seen my results. Any weekend my work speaks for itself and around the world, on sporting fields around Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US.

The most frustrating thing about being great at what I do, is no one wants to share the edge in their sport, no coaches or athletes are going to tell everyone on social media that the Athlete’s Secret Weapon was their secret to a premiership win.

Sports hypnosis is not new, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls used Hypnosis as a part of their winning formula towards 6 NBL Championship Titles.

In recent times more and more teams are realising the power we already have in our minds and are choosing me to help them release it from their players.

There are many ‘mindset coaches’ telling players and teams to ‘grind, hustle, push through, step up and stay strong’ and all of this is useless if the players and team culture does not support this. Many are untrained and have no idea HOW to change the thought process, how to manage
nerves, how to set a peak performance state and how to trust themselves.

1 player with a ‘fear of success’ can bring down a whole team and there goes your premiership. What is the indirect cost of this to a team, club, players, management, supporters and sponsors?

And I have only met a few players who, even at the elite level, do not have a level of fear of success. Everyone will benefit through my processes.

I am fully professionally trained in Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Time- line therapy, I have been in business for 13 years and over 8500 individual clients and 38 World Champions holding over 120 world records… enough said!

This level of support is not just for the rich, it is for the elite and the best in the world… It is for every athlete and essential in these times of mental health.

Mindset is crucial to the success of athletes and even more so in a team. An individual only must rely on their skills and abilities. The best player in the world is only as good as the team around them and if they are not in the right headspace, success will be hit and miss.

And the coaches also benefit from these sessions, programs and talks. Again, having coached coaches for this time in communication and removing their own demons, I know how to get the most for everyone.

Imagine every player in the team ‘In the Zone’ in the same game… every time!

If you don’t think it works, please forward the name of your opposition to me and let’s see.

When an individual can believe and trust themselves, their skills and their team mates, they will be at their best with improved team dynamic, confidence and improved consistent results.

If sport is 80-90% mental, every team must have some mind training as a part of a performance program. When you consider every action is a result of a thought and every thought is based on survival and fear, wouldn’t you think this could inhibit performance individually and as a team?

I have been asked to present internally London at the Elite Sports Performance Expo and in New Zealand because of my results and knowing that all the technology in the world is useless if the team’s mindset is not in the right place.

For teams to understand the importance of Peak Performance Mindset, to get your players in the zone when it matters.

My talks also cover mental health and practical and powerful ways to make this happen, I am available for in club and remote information sessions and to establish the needs and requirements for the individuals, clubs and coaching staff.

All Athlete’s Secret Weapon Team Programs are based on individual needs of the team and club, location, time and budget.

I have been laughed at, abused and told to —- off. You may have already shelved this idea, thinking hypnosis, why would I do that? everyone would laugh at me, isn’t this only to turn people into chickens?

I know who they will be thanking and who will have the last laugh.

Even in uncertain times of isolation (with Covid-19) I have had many clubs and teams reach out for support to understand the mind and how to manage the highs and lows.

Yes, I am confident, yes, I am great at what I do, yes, … I get results and I would love to talk to you and your team and coaching staff.


Stuart Walter,
CEO Elite Mindset Institute
And as my clients call me the Athlete’s Secret Weapon.